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Are you looking for success?

We all are! Busy and complicated lives often cause us to push our own health and wellness to the back burner. Encouragement and help from others is key to our ability to grow into a healthy and healing lifestyle. 
FALL INTO SUCCESS Summit will help you figure out how!

fall into success

This is an ONLINE Summit

All training sessions will be posted to the Facebook group early in the day. Plus there will be a Facebook LIVE Q&A in the group each evening. (replays of the LIVE Q&A will also be available in the group).

Join in from the comfort of your own home.

What you can expect

Easy is a Mindset

Head Coach Kris Honeycutt


Do you struggle with making Trim Healthy Mama your lifestyle? The key to sustaining this way of eating is to keep it simple and make it easy. Easy starts with your thinking. Join me as I dive into how to cultivate thoughts/mindset that will help you simplify your THM journey, so that can stay on plan with ease once and for all.

Successful Kids on Plan!

Coach Sarah Truitt


You have been chugging along on the trim train and you are ready to help your kids get on board too.  Let’s talk about the truth of getting your family on plan, things you can do, things you may need to wait for, and overall learning to lead by example. 

There is always a ray of hope to lead your kids successfully on plan.  

Easy THM Vacation

Coach Linda Johnson


You don’t have to take a Vacation from your Trim Healthy Mama Lifestyle, take it with you!!  Are you thinking that would be too hard to do?  I want to show you how I did a week-long vacation and never went off plan AND spent very little time preparing meals AND loved what I ate!!  I’m excited to bring to you my easy to pull-it-off plan and prep lists to send you on an Easy THM Vacation!

Easy Prep

Coach KJ York



How can you save time, money, energy frustration, unpreparedness AND prevent food waste by doing one thing?! Preparation is a KEY to success. Join me as we talk about the why, how, what!

THM Easy at Work

Coach Nikki Kruse-Dye


I have a passion for busy moms who work outside the home, either just beginning or stalled out after months or years of trying to do THM. I have been following THM for over 6 years and it has been a blessing to be able to talk to my children about food and sugar without instilling a “Diet” mentality into them! I can’t wait to share with you how I make THM easy for me at work.

"Easy on the Gut" Gut Health

Coach Shannon Fox


Gut Health may not sound exciting, but I can assure you – a HEALTHY gut is!  Eating the Trim Healthy Mama way is certainly supportive of a healthy gut, but what if you could dial into even better gut health and start tackling problems like poor sleep, bloated tummy, skin issues, brain fog, and anxiousness – just to name a few? I’ll share the sobering impact that poor gut health has on our overall health, trim, and well-being and the TOP foods you can start using today to improve your gut health NOW.

Training followed by Q&A

We are offering a fantastic Question & Answer time for you with each coach!

A Facebook LIVE session will follow each coach training. Be sure and write down your questions as you watch each training and take advantage of their expertise in this great opportunity to come Back to Easy!! A replay will also be available if you can’t make the LIVE!

Our Coaches

6 THM coaches have joined together to share their expertise, experience to help you find YOUR easy way to health and fitness this year!

Coach KJ

Hi, I’m Coach KJ, and I’m a food addict.  It took 44 years for me to say that out loud.  Happy?  Sad? Depressed? Excited? Annoyed?  I found reasons to eat in all of them.  My breakthrough from emotional eating came 2 years ago and changed my life. It’s not willpower that keeps me on plan.  It’s my mindset and I can’t wait to share my how and WHY with you!
Coach kris

Coach Kris

Hi, I am Head Coach Kris Honeycutt, Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Specialist and I specialize in Trim Healthy Mama and Hormones. I help ladies move away from just surviving to thriving by rebalancing hormones, resetting metabolism and getting that belly fat to finally go. I specialize in teaching you how to get your body to respond by supporting hormones and open up to a new season of feeling fantastic and having energy.

Coach Linda

Coach Linda

I’m Linda Johnson, in my 4th year as a Certified THM Coach who specializes in guiding Women over 50 towards the confidence that they too are never too old to get trimmer and healthier. After over 20 years of being frustrated with my weight, I discovered the Trim Healthy Mama plan at age 53. Now 8 years later  I love teaching, encouraging and inspiring my ladies through lessons and personal interaction in Group and 1-on-1 Coaching.
Coach Nikki

Coach Nikki

I’m Coach Nikki. I spent my entire life before THM yo-yo dieting, depriving myself, getting to my goal, then going back to the same old me and gaining it all back, each time a little more than I lost.  I help my clients ditch the yo-yo and get to what matters, enjoying life! Eating delicious food! And teaching the next generation to do the same!
Coach Sara

Coach Sarah

Hi, I’m Coach Sarah! I’ve been a Trim Healthy Mama for 10 years, THM coach for 4. I have 6 kids, adult all the way down to a toddler. My parents live with us and I have the joy of serving dinner to all 9 of us every night. If I can do this, I know you can too!   I’m excited to share my passions to encourage, empower and equip YOU, so TOGETHER we can change the generations for health & healing, as Generation Movers! 

Coach Shannon

Coach Shannon

Hi, I’m Coach Mama Fox and I help mamas over 40 get #UNstuck in their Trim Healthy Mama journey once and for all!  I teach mamas the best foods and lifestyle habits to beat inflammation, support a healthy gut, and address stress & sleep issues naturally – the Trim Healthy Mama way.  As a mama who has made huge strides in managing my own arthritis and inflammation, gut healing, and anxiety issues, I know how impactful food and habits are to the mind, body, and spirit.  After 9 years as a Trim Healthy Mama, I can assure you – there IS hope and healing!

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