We’ve all been told, “you can’t have your cake and eat it too.” Well who wants a piece of cake you can’t eat? Not me!

Yes, you can have your cake and eat it too!

For most of my life I struggled with my weight and yo-yoed back and forth. I was addicted to sugar and couldn’t wait for my next hit. It became my crutch in life. One day the good Lord brought to me Trim Healthy Mama. And my journey to health changed forever! After 9+ years following this plan, I am passionate about empowering you on your journey to health. Read my full testimony that was featured in the THM E-Zine!

I can help your family get back on track and find food freedom. Join me in this Food Revolution! Are you ready to make a change? Trim Healthy Mama will help you quit the sugar/carb addictions and retrain your mind and body to be fueled by the healthy foods God intended.

Are you ready to take the steps to become the best you?  I will support, encourage and empower you as you transform into who you are meant to be.  We all influence someone, it starts with making the changes within ourselves.  Get ready to transform!  You are so worth it!  

Coach Sarah Truitt
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