conversations with my cake

Do you talk to your food? How do you identify with it?

When you see cake, do you get happy?  Do you get sad?  Do you stare at it with contempt and challenge the cake to who will win?

Food circumferences everything we do, it fits into all emotions, happy, sad, excited, tired, angry, hurt, bored, and more.  All the seasons and emotions are tied to these moments and food choices.  Are we with family?  Friends?  Is it a special holiday?  A special day? National Cake Day? Donut Day? Cupcake Day? Noodle Day? No matter what day it is, there is always a reason to be eating.  Are we eating for the right reasons?  Are we fueling our bodies well or are we making them sluggish and slow?

I have learned to train myself to speak truth.  I have a conversation with my food, that looks like this:

Unhealthy cake: “Hello, I’m right here!  Waiting for you to eat me!  I’m delicious!  Some might say I’m nutritious.  I do contain egg, so see I have some protein for you. Come on take that first bite.  You won’t regret it.”

Me: “Why is there cake here?  Why is the cake talking to me? It’s like it’s calling my name.  Ugh! Why do I always have to do this?  I know I shouldn’t eat that cake.”  To the cake, “No cake, I’m not eating you. You make me feel like junk, and make me fat.  I’m not interested in what you have to say. I’m walking away.”

Unhealthy Cake: “Don’t walk away from me!  What have I done to you?  I’m innocent.  That was the other piece of cake.  Don’t judge me for what it did to you. I’m different.  I’m rich, smooth, creamy and divine.  Just take one bite, you will see.”

Me: “You can’t fool me this time unhealthy cake, I’ve walked that road before.  You whisper sweet nothings in my ear, and really that’s exactly what they are!  Sweet Nothings!  You are empty calories, empty nutrition and you do absolutely nothing for fueling my body to make me feel strong and healthy.  I’m done!  And this time I mean it! Goodbye!”  Walks away, not looking back.

Unhealthy Cake: “Oh no there she goes and she isn’t coming back. It’s a sad day for me.” Frowny face into smirky smile, “Nah!  I’m going to sweet talk the next person; someone will fall into my sugary sweet trap.” wicked laugh.

For me the cycle is broken.

I got tired of riding that train, and now you can see when I talk to my food, I win!  I decided I was done and I win! Period! (You can read part of my story here.) Trim Healthy Mama has brought me to a place where my conversations are new and fuel me to greater places, mind, body, and spirit. I can do my best and be my best when I say “no,” to the wrong choice and “yes,” to the right ones.

You get to be in charge of what you put in your mind and body.  Take every thought captive and put it under submission to what God has in store for you.  He wants you to claim back your health.  It’s one food conversation at a time.

My latest food conversation.

Unhealthy Cake whispering: “Hey, I see you over there, come on over. I’m waiting for you.”

Me: “Sorry Unhealthy cake, we are done.  I’m tuning you out forever!”  Sitting enjoying my delicious succulent Trimtastic Chocolate Cake. (You can find Trim Healthy Mama’s Trimtastic Cake on Pg.296 Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook and  Life By Chocolate Cake on pg. 376 of Trim Healthy Table.)

These are the 5 practices you can put in place to win the food conversations:

  1. Decide in advance. I win!
  2. Take every thought captive and give it to the Lord. He wants to set you free from food captivity into food freedom. (2 Corinthians 10:5)
  3. Make your conversations with unhealthy food consistent and short! “Yes, I see you unhealthy cake, and I told you last time, I’m done. Nothing has changed here.  You make me feel terrible and tired.  Adios!”
  4. Be prepared with action! Have an on plan healthy treat ready. Going to a party? Take a treat with you or have it in the fridge at home waiting for your return.
  5. Don’t forget to talk to your healthy food, “Thank you healthy cake that I can have my cake and eat it too! I’m a better person because I choose you!”

Don’t become slave to any food, take charge of your healthy lifestyle.  You only get one body to live in.  Live in it well.  Talk to your food with conviction and embrace the new Trim Healthy You!  One decision at a time, one meal at a time, you are so worth it!

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