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I’m here to Empower, Equip, and Encourage you to lead the next generation into health & healing!

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Generation Movers Community

About Generation Movers

This is a unique private online community that includes group coaching, community and ongoing training. This off-Facebook community helps keep distractions to a minimum while giving you access to all the best support and coaching I have to offer!

Generation Movers boasts regular Guest Speakers to enhance your knowledge and empower you in your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health!

You also get FULL access to special cooking classes (live as well as the replays) that no one else can find, and GREAT discounts on book studies that include in-depth coaching!

Are you looking for 1-on-1 coaching? See what I offer HERE.

We’ve been declared a Platinum Community by Circle!


We are so excited that Generation Movers has been named by Circle to be one of their Platinum Communities. Out of their over 10,000 communities, we are in their Top 10% for:

  • consistent admin activity
  • steady stream of engaging content
  • frictionless onboarding
  • meaningful member engagement
  • solid growth trajectory

Come and join our fabulous community!

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what you will find:


  • Workshops
  • Courses
  • Cooking Classes
  • Inspirational Talks & Encouragement
  • Marco Polo Sharecasts
  • Member Connects
  • Marco Polo Chats
  • Support on your health journey so you can move to understanding and knowledge to OWN your process & path
  • Regular opportunites to push yourself forward to try new things and get out of your comfort zone!

Why Choose Generation Movers

Coach Sarah

Generation Movers is different from other communities because the future we look to is more than just us!

We are learning to train our children & encourage our elders to better health & wellness!

We are learning to OWN our own journey to make better decisions for our ongoing health.

We focus on community so we can build into the lives of other women as we grow together!

I am SO confident, if you follow my guidance and do the work, that you WILL succeed, I even offer a Money Back Guarantee — click here to see how it works!
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