Family! That was the reason I started my health journey.

To better love, serve and be an example to my family. You see, my struggle with weight has been a family struggle. My dad has spent most of his adult life over weight. After leading by example, he decided it was his time to see if this lifestyle really worked? Could he lose weight? Could this be the answer? He watched from the sidelines for 5 years before saying “I’m in!” My dad started his journey in February of 2018 and he is shrinking every month. He is not to goal weight yet, but clearly this lifestyle is making him look younger and healthier!

before and after family

progress father

Yesterday my dad celebrated his 62nd Birthday

At 62, my dad is healthier and stronger!

Just because you get older doesn’t mean you have to settle for less. Challenge yourself to grow, change and transform! My dad decided to take his health seriously and change his eating habits. He’s not giving up, he is not quitting, he is just beginning! You can take charge and control of your health.  My dad is celebrating with new jeans, renewed health, and a list of NSV’s.  He is rising out of the pit he thought he was stuck in, rising out victorious!  He is not done yet, none of us are.  Everyday we all make choices. He is choosing food freedom, and enjoying every moment and every meal.

What choice are you going to make?

One that fuels your body for health or one that destroys it? Choose life! Choose Health!

Trim Healthy Papa is living proof! Finding health is a journey, and one worth taking for you and for those you love and that love you. Is it time to get off the sidelines? Is it time to join this food freedom revolution?

proof in the pudding

Way to go Dad! You are a living inspiration!