When does it happen? When you least expect it!

Surprise!  You are pregnant!

I bought a super cute blue and white poky dotted swim suit for our family cruise.  We traveled to St. Thomas, Puerto Rico, the Bahamas and back to Florida where we started.  I had no idea this journey was the start to another one!  I was actually bummed, because I was supposed to get my period while on our trip, so of course I packed a suitcase of supplies.  Haha! Well day after day, nothing.  By the last day I thought something was wrong, but decided to not worry about it until I got home on February 9th

I have to back up a little to explain why I had some concerns.  I have a clotting disorder and because I have had so many pregnancies, 15 in total,  I have to take low dose aspirin for blood thinning.  I’ve had some very serious circumstances, but I’m only going to highlight the one that came immediately to mind while on the cruise. 

You see after my son Tatum was born, at about the 1-year mark, my period came back or so I thought it was coming back.  But nothing happened but painful cramps.  Then the next month, same thing.  Each month I was riveting in pain, but no period.  It was like a period without a period.  After the 3rd month of this, I decided something must be wrong.  I went to the Dr. and sure enough they said, “oh there is scar tissue built up.” They performed an in-office procedure to open the scar tissue and release the flood.  Sorry I know graphic, but true!

So why so much scar tissue? 

I have had to have three D & C procedures done, because of retained placenta and or retained pregnancy tissue that refused to budge.  As a result, scar tissue built up.  I had a D& C after Tatum because of retained pregnancy tissue.  This was realized 12 weeks after his birth when my body would not stop bleeding.  The D & C fixed it right away, but in the end, it resulted in thickened scar tissue. 

Now back on the cruise I’m thinking to myself, “oh no it’s probably scar tissue built up again.”  I had decided to let it go until we got home and I could be properly seen and treated. When we did get home, my first response was to take a pregnancy test, this was to be certain I was right in my suspicions and rule out pregnancy.  I also had a year supply of pregnancy tests from Amazon, they are 25 cents, so what’s a quick test to rule out all possibilities?  

Well of course we got home late at night and that is the worst time to test, usually any hcg is diluted because of drinking.  HCG is highest in concentration in the first morning urine.  I’ve had a lot of practice with these tests over the years, because I’ve taken up a collection of pregnancy tests.  (Yes, I’m laughing and crying at myself.  Seriously I should have taken out stock in pregnancy tests! LOL) 

There I am late at night taking the test and guess what? I see a very faint line.  What I have learned over the years is a line is a line! There I am thinking, oh my I’m pregnant?  But then starts the questions, “oh is this a faulty test? Is it an evaporation line? Am I seeing things? Maybe I didn’t do it right?”  And so on and so on.  I didn’t say a word to my husband, because I didn’t want to send him down the crazy pregnancy roller coaster ride just yet!  My dear sweet husband has ridden every train and ride with me and a day without is okay! The next morning, I took another test and BOOM, it was clear as day, PREGNANT

In came all the thoughts, “oh wow!  I was not expecting this! Is this baby going to stick?  Ah I have to tell my husband.  Oh no is he going to be happy or what?  Oh no when am I due? When did this even happen?”  Haha!  Well after swallowing my own questions, I realized my due date was 9 days after my sisters upcoming wedding.  My sister is getting married on October 9th and the baby would be due the 18th.  OH MY! You see this also threw a wrench in what I thought I knew, because I wasn’t prepared for this surprise.  My sister asked me to be her Matron of Honor and now I’m pregnant?  How in the world is this going to work timing wise?  And well there I am having a moment with God, saying “really you picked now?” 

The Lord knows me so well, I have a pretty good sense of humor and love to laugh and find the good in life and well I could just see Him with His cheshire cat smile, saying yep now is the time ! Oh, awesome Lord! 😉

I have anticipated being pregnant again, because back when I had Araya in 2012, the Lord spoke to me that we would have another son and another daughter.  We had our son in 2017, so I knew this must be God’s promised girl.  I told my husband and after the initial shock, he was elated. (Remember we’ve gone through this a few times, so it feels like a crazy ride, he had to gear up!)

Here we are at 25 weeks pregnant, patiently awaiting the arrival of our promise.  Sometimes things don’t go the way we thought or planned and things happen when we least expect it.  Now I am anticipating 2 exciting events this October.  My sister is getting married and Lord willing shortly there after the arrival of our little girl. I usually have my babies late, so we should be safe for the wedding, and hopefully we don’t have to wait 2 bonus weeks like we did with Tatum.  😉 

When I bought my swim suit I had no idea I would be wearing it under much larger circumstances.  Haha! And I’m thankful I picked one that works in pregnancy too!  I’ve been eating Trim Healthy Mama, sticking to plan and doing what I need to do to have a healthy mom and baby. 

Surprise is on me!  And I couldn’t be happier!

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