No, that can’t be you?

Sarah before and after

That’s what my dad said when I showed him this old picture. The picture on the left was me after I had my now 13-year-old son. I had struggled with my weight my whole life and I was completely addicted to sugar. I weighed my highest weight of 240 lbs. The way I look is the way I felt: miserable and uncomfortable. I loved to bake and when I would whip up a batch of chocolate chip cookies, I wouldn’t stop at 1. After eating a dozen of what temporarily made me happy, I would slump into a state of depression.

Then repeat the cycle so I could put a band aid on my emotional sugar eating roller coaster.

The picture on the right is me now.

My friends no longer know me as the sugar lover, but rather the girl who doesn’t eat sugar. I have been following THM for just short of 6 years. I look back at where I have been, to remind me of how far I have come. I fluctuate about 10 lbs. on THM but that’s it! I have held this weight for over 5 years. That’s why I love THM. One word – consistency! I can still enjoy chocolate chip cookies and instead of looking like the girl on the left, I get to be the girl on the right. I set out to help young girls like myself become freed from the traps of sugar.

My heart weeps when I see a young person who is struggling with weight. Because that was me. I set out to help these young ones, only to find I had to help the parents first. The parents are the ones buying and bringing in the food. The parents are the ones who need to change the trajectory of the child’s life. I didn’t want my past to be my children’s future. That is where my heart is today. I want to help others get on the right path. Lead by example and set the paths straight. Change starts with us. I am a work in progress and I am continuing to strive towards better health, so I can be the best wife, mother, daughter, sister, and friend that I can. You can do this too!

The sugar monster is not your friend, that monster needs continually fed. It’s time to starve out the monster and walk into true freedom. Consistency! That’s where I am now and I couldn’t be more thankful!

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