Touched by a Generation Mover

Spreading a Message of Hope and Love From One Generation to Another
Generation Movers

Taking on the World, One Act of Love at a Time

What IS a Generation Mover? We are people looking to change the generations around us for tomorrow through OUR choices today.

Generation Movers is not just about how we eat or exercise, although our food and movement choices are a part of it. It is about how we live our lives:

  • How we speak and act, even when we are alone!
  • How we live out our lifestyles.
  • How we live sacrificially.
  • How we go out of our way to help.
  • How we let our faith pour out and touch every part of our lives

A Word From Me to You

What does being a Generation Mover look like?

How can YOU follow the call to be a Generation Mover?

Recent Recipes

As Generation Movers, we eat the Trim Healthy Mama way. And I’ve got some great and easy recipes that will fit right into any busy lifestyle!

Peanut Butter Chocolate Protein Bars

Peanut Butter Chocolate Protein Bars

  Peanut Butter Chocolate Protein Bars Adaptation inspired from Autumn’s Pb balls Wilton chocolate melterSilicone sheet panEpicure Steamer 2/3 cup Trim Healthy Peanut Flour1/3 cup Optimized Plant Protein1/3 cup Baking Blend1/4 cup Gentle Sweet1/2 teaspoon Mineral...

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arayahope hero

Becoming a Generation Mover

I have a membership community for Generation Movers! We encourage one another, challenge one another and spur one another on to love, good deeds, and better choices.

Entrance to this community is only open a few times a year. But click the button below to get on the Wait List for the next time registration is open!

Generation Mover