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Coach Sarah

Hi Friends!  I’m Coach Sarah.  I am on a mission to help families implement the Trim and Healthy lifestyle.  I am constantly on the hunt to find short cuts for busy families, to make this lifestyle lasting and sustainable.  I have been a certified THM Coach for 4 years and implementing the healthy lifestyle for 9 years.  I can’t wait to show you how I use one of my absolute favorite kitchen tools to help you free up your hands and give you back your time! We all have the same amount of hours in a day, let’s use them to the best of our ability, making healthy choices a top priority.  I’m excited to show you how I implement the instant pot into feeding my family of 9.  Whether you are a family of 9 or 2, let’s get dinner on the table and the freezer stocked with these goodies to help make life a little easier.  Let’s get cooking! 

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Feed Your Kids On Plan – NEW

The question on every Mama’s mind is: How can I feed my kids healthy meals that are on plan without the fuss and fighting from them on every turn? Let me show you!

Training Videos + Kid Interviews

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Chicken In the Instant Pot

Prepping chicken in the Instant Pot can save you hours in the kitchen. Being prepared helps you stay On Plan for success! This workshop is cooking 5 different meals!

SIX 20 Min Videos

Veggies/Grains – COMING

Some veggies take prep and pre-cooking. Save time so you can always be ready to cook ANY THM fuel meal, let Instant Pot help!


What to Expect

  • Recipes either linked online or cookbook pages referrenced so you can be ready to participate with me!
  • Materials/ingredient list will be provided in Welcome email prior to class.
  • Workshops have lifetime access.

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Learn tricks & tips to get your kids to enjoy healthy foods to fuel their growing bodies!

You can feed your kids on plan!

Now, get meal ideas, recipes, better options for every stage of your child’s development so they can grow fit, strong and healthy!

Feed kids workshop
Feed your kids
Feed your kids

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I provide you with an ebook of recommended products and one with recipes your kids will love!


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Follow along and let’s “Instant Pot together” to get your foods prepped. Fill up that fridge or freezer so meal planning will be a SNAP!

Everything you need for 5 chicken dishes!

You get your list of ingredients/supplies and links or page references so you can follow along WITH ME to make this workshop more than training – come and work it !

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We start every workshop with a list of all you need

No more excuses of why you don’t have the time. If you have time to WATCH, you have time to PREP!


“Sarah’s training videos are super helpful and informative! She takes the fear out of using new equipment.”

“I’ve learned so much from Sarah’s training videos.”

“I love how Sara helps me to save time in my busy day YET shows me how to stay On Plan at the same time.”

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